Waiver, Terms and Conditions

  1. Children enrolling in Daycare are subject to waiver, terms and conditions, which are automatically accept upon enrollment.
  2. All costs due before the 1st of each hour, day, week or month of each billing cycle.
  3. Payments made after 5 days of due date are subject to penalties.
  4. All returned or NSF checks will be assessed $35 penalty fee.
  5. Late pickup penalties will be charged at overtime hourly rate for each hour child is not picked up. A 20 minute grace period is given for each hour before being charge an additional overtime hour.
  6. Penalty charges due and payable within 7 days to avoid accumulating further penalties.
  7. Any unused hours, days, weeks or months of a billing period is automatically forfeited when not used (Irrespective of holidays, illness, absence or vacation days taken).
  8. According to state law, only legal guardians may be present on daycare premises. Exceptions can be arranged with advance notice.
  9. According to state law, children must arrive at daycare with reasonable hygiene or be refused service.
  10. The Department of Social Services or Licensing Agency shall have the authority to interview children and to inspect and audit child records without consent: And/Or The Department of Social Services or Licensing Agency shall have the authority to observe the physical condition of the child/children, including conditions which could indicate abuse, neglect, or inappropriate placement, and to have a licensed medical professional physically examine the child/children.
  11. The State of California requires that all members of the child care institution be on the lookout for, and report to the State, any and all cases of abuse to a child. We are, therefore, obligated to report to the State any suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect.
  12. Your child’s records are checked annually. It is your responsibility to keep records current and updated. Failure to provide constant updated records can result in dismissal from the child care by a State Health official.
  13. State regulations require us to maintain a medical record on each child and for the child to have a physical examination within 3 months prior to their admission to the child care.
  14. For the protection of all children, your child must be kept home (we cannot accept your child at the child care) if they show any symptoms of illnesses. Parents should exercise every precaution and keep their child home should unusual symptoms arise. If the child has been exposed to a contagious disease, they must be kept home and the fact of their condition should be reported to the child care immediately (strep throat, pin worms, viral infections, scarlet fever, etc., are among those condition categorized as “highly contagious”). A doctor’s note is necessary for a student to return to child care.
  15. Any prescription medication should be properly transferred to the child care, with instructions. For prescribed medicine, the bottle must show: name of the child, prescription number, name of the doctor, dosage, and how many times per day the medicine is to be given. For asthmatic children, a for of authorization is required in order to administer treatment.
  16. In the event of a medical emergency or an accident, we will contact the Emergency Response Unit (911) and the parent.
  17. Evacuations due to emergency disasters will be followed through the appropriate authorities.
  18. Children must wear properly fitted shoes, and when appropriate, shoes that they can put on and take off by themselves. Play clothes that encourage self-help and that cover the knees are best for year round wear by children. Please remember that children are taken outdoors daily. ┬áParents must provide their children with disposable diapers. All clothing should be marked with the child’s names to avoid list clothing articles.
  19. Label all belongings. If you would like to bring anything to share, we ask that you mark those items with the child’s name. We are NOT responsible for any lost articles.
  20. Please provide a blanket for your child to use during rest time
  21. There is a basic lesson of morality during your child’s stay at the child care. The level of teaching will coincide with the basic teaching of love for humanity, respect of others, and the willingness to chose to have a positive outcome within life and life’s journey.
  22. As part of this agreement, the child’s legal guardian automatically agrees and accepts conditions with full usage rights/ownership that photographs of their children may be taken and appear on our websites.
  23. Please make direct conferences with the director to discuss progress or problems of the child. We share common goals and concerns. For your child’s welfare, we ask that you never discuss your child’s progress or problems in front of them.
  24. Parents may withdraw a child from the school at any time. A two-week written notice is required prior to withdrawal in order to allow the school time to fill the vacancy. Failure to give a two-week notice will result in the parent’s liability for tuition to cover that two week period. Re-enrollment will entail an additional registration fee.
  25. A child’s enrollment may be terminated for any of the following reasons: 1.) Falsified information on the application/enrollment forms. 2.) Immunizations not up to date. 3.) Tuition fees are not current. 4.) If the child has been absent for 10 days without notification. 5.) The child is found to be unsuitable for the program and/or the program cannot meet the needs of the child. The child care will endeavor to give a two-week advance notice; but it is absolutely the child Care’s discretion to terminate enrollment. We reserve the right to relinquish the responsibility of the child care at our own discretion.
  26. We admit all children regardless of race, color, nationality or religious backgrounds. We want to exchange thoughts and information on your child whenever necessary.
  27. We are closed for vacation the last week of August, and most U.S. recognized holidays.
  28. Subject to change without notice.